Is recycled wearable the need of the hour?

Recycling is broken:

Much of the plastics dropped in recycling bins are not recycled. The biggest emission comes from CHINA. Highest total co2 emission countries are China, Japan and India these are the top most three country. India ranks 3rd place in co2 emission

(India  2.65GT).The co2 emission is majorly caused by burning of oil, gases and plastics.

Fashion industry has the disastrous impact on the environment. Fashion is the second largest polluter in the world.

Fashion includes negative environment. It pollutes the water, the use of textile dyes pollute the water. This affects the ecosystem.

Yes wearable’s are now been recycled…….

   12 pet bottles are broken into small flakes. Flakes are melted into tiny pellets and they are melted again and the spun are turned into threads. By wearing these plastic clothes does it harm human skin? This is a usual question that rises in every one’s mind. The truth is “it is 100% skin friendly” and it

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