best suited work from home dress during Covid-19 lockdown

An affordable regular wear t-shirt with premium quality and superior comfort is the requirement for every work from home dudes out there.

              Apart from considering the comfort and quality also consider some other important factors before you make a purchase. Consider a fabric that has the best moisture wicking capacity, fast drying, soft and skin friendly, easy to care and very importantly it should be “Odor free and Anti-microbial finish”. We sweat a lot when we sit at a place for long hours and since we stay at home we tend to wear the same dress for long hours. The sweat will multiply the bacteria and virus and cause bad odor. So chose a fabric with antimicrobial finish to protect you from the harmful germs and stay odor free. This is why it is suggested to use high moisture wicking and fast drying fabric when you work from home.

                Affordable eco-friendly ecohike t-shirts are the best suited wearable’s during your work from home period. They possess high moisture wicking capacity, fast drying, soft & skin friendly, easy maintenance and especially odor free and antimicrobial in nature.

Ecohike Eco-Friendly T-Shirts protect you from virus and also saves the earth from pollution. Exchange your used Ecohike Eco-Friendly T-Shirt to avail huge discounts on the next purchase. Voila, what else can a T-shirt contribute? Our brand is our vision towards a sustainable environment.

Say YES to plastics, but only if it is recycled!


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