Why Ecohike

How Ecohike came into being:

Ecohike is the brainchild of the business partner duo Kathir & Jay who did their engineering together and started Syndicate Impex in 2006. Syndicate Impex is the first garment manufacturing company in India to get CII- GREENCO certification for sustainability audit. It was during the process of certification that they learnt about the actual impact of their business on the environment. That was the moment of enlightenment for them to come up with a business model that had sustainability at its core.

Why we do what we do:

Ecohike is a desperate attempt by a bunch of sustainability fanatics who want to be at the forefront of this revolution where the Earth & human life take precedence over economic gains. At Ecohike, our main goal is not replacing your entire wardrobe with Ecohike products, we want people to understand the sustainable values and effects of low quality fast fashion products on the environment. Ecohike was born out of this necessity to educate people rather than the desire to earn profits.

The 3 principles at Ecohike:

Common person’s Self Responsibility -Redefining CSR:

At Ecohike, we believe Sustainability should not be seen as Corporate Social Responsibility, it should be Common person’s Self Responsibility. Sustainability is no more an option; it is the need of the hour to save humans from extinction and it needs to be discussed at even the grassroot level and not just in corporates. With Ecohike, we are attempting to make the consumers realize that sustainability is not practiced to save the Earth but to save our own humankind.

Earth Vs World; we choose the Earth:

We, at Ecohike, believe that the Earth is not the same as the world. For us, the Earth is created by nature​, is the basis of all life​, stands for symbiosis of the ecosystems​ and is made with love. The world on the other hand, is created by humans​, consists of all things artificial​, leads to destruction of nature​ and is made with money​. We have created this World by destroying the Earth. We choose the Earth, not the world and each person who buys our products stands with us in this belief.

Consumer is God:

We believe consumers are Gods, quite literally, because they have the power to create or destroy the world just by choosing what they buy. We want the consumers to realize that they have this power to create, rather re-create the Earth we were given. With Ecohike, we are trying to bring a shift in the buying patterns of the consumers and we want the consumers to demand great products, for a great price, made in a sustainable way. Consumers need to exercise this power now or lose the earth forever

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