Wear Plastic T-Shirts and To Save The Mother Earth

Sustainability is no longer a choice that you make. Considering the global impact of the ongoing pandemic crisis, sustainability has become a topic of grave concern. Businesses across the globe are revamping their infrastructure to embed sustainability. Amidst all of this, one thing that has garnered maximum attention is the usage of one-time-use plastics.

While there have been discussions about the ban on such plastics, not much has been done on a local and global level. Keeping this as the core of our discussion, this article sheds light on the long-standing impact of one-time-use plastics.

Major Impact of One-time Use Plastics

According to a report by the UN, only 9% of the 9billion tonnes of plastic have been recycled. Meaning that the remaining ones end up floating on the rivers, oceans, and the waterways. The reason why discarding such plastic is important is that these plastics do not biodegrade. What they do is slowly decompose and by slowly, we mean to say that they take hundreds and thousands of years to turn to microplastics.

For as long as they stay, they contaminate both the soil and water degrading the surroundings and the environment, as a whole. What’s more dangerous is that the toxic chemicals enter into the animal tissues which ultimately finds their place in the food chain.

Ingesting such chemicals is extremely harmful and has Long-term effects on the lungs and the respiratory system of humans. On the flip side, plastics are a nightmare to the animal or the water species. They can get into their nostrils or their throat, choking them to death.

It is high time that people across the globe took measures to completely avoid the use of such plastics. Replace them with cloths or reusable bags and contribute towards sustainability and the well-being of every life on earth. 

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