Why Ecohike T-Shirt?

Ecohike Eco-friendly T-shirts are made up of 100% recycled plastic pet bottles. It is introduced to bring a change in the environment without affecting your daily routine. By just wearing an ecohike ecofriendly t-shirt, you save 2700 liters of water.

Would ecohike t-shirt harm the skin?

No, 100% it is skin friendly. It is extremely soft and skin friendly. It will not create any disturbance to your skin.

Will ecohike t-shirts absorb sweat like other t-shirts out in the market?

It is super comfy and absorbs sweat quickly, making it suitable for any occasion. The moisture absorbing capacity of this ecohike t-shirt fabric is 20% better than the other normal t-shirts. It not only absorbs sweat faster, the below are the other benefits of it:
Odour Free
Moisture Wicking
Superior Comfort
Fast Drying
Premium Quality

What is different in ecohike t-shirts than other t-shirts?

Every single ecohike ecofriendly t-shirt is made of recycled material. Almost everyone wears a t-shirt and imaging unknowing by wearing a normal t-shirt you contribute to air pollution, landfill, and consumption of water during the making process, etc which will harm the environment.
By just wearing an ecohike t-shirt you contribute to the environment. Our motto is not to replace your complete wardrobe with ecohike t-shirts rather we wish you give a little importance to the environment and a few of these to your wardrobe as well
Whenever you get a chance to wear your ecohike ecofriendly t-shirt unknowingly you will think about the environment and we believe that it will slowly create awareness about the harm that we unknowingly do to the environment.

Is there any chemical products used in the making of ecohike ecofriendly t-shirts?

No, there is no chemical products used in the making of the ecohike t-shirts. The ecohike t-shirts come only in one color which is “off white”. Since we don’t use any chemical colours we do not manufacture the T-shirt in different colours. Special customization requirements for the corporate clients involve printing their logo on the t-shirt and the dye used for it would be plant based dyes.

Is the ecohike t-shirt recyclable?

Yes, the ecohike t-shirt that you use is 100% recyclable. After you use it, instead of throwing it away, exchange it with us for a new ecohike t-shirt and earn a flat Rs. 200 discount in the new t-shirt that you purchase. We recycle it and convert it into a brand new ecohike t-shirt.

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