The climate change can lead to a natural disaster!!!

YES!! The climate change can lead to a natural disaster!!!

YES!! The climate change can lead to a natural disaster!!!

  • Weather cycles and climate hazards are natural events. All these years we have had hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, floods and high winds. But now we are facing mass destruction’s and devastation that are completely new and terrifying.
  • On Sunday the 16thof August 2020, the Earth has registered its highest temperature of 130 F at a place called ‘The Death Valley’ in California. This has been globally verified and confirmed as the highest temperature that our earth has experienced since 1913.
  • Emission of fossil fuel into the environment contribute more to the abnormal increase in the temperature of the earth.
  • When the surface temperature of the earth increases it results in higher evaporation of water into the atmosphere, which becomes the source for powerful storms that results in heat waves. As the cycle keeps repeating, the frequency of heat waves would also increase which would spoil the rain fed areas and make them a drought area.
  • In recent times we continuously experience a huge devastation in the climatic changes because of which there was deadly heat waves in various parts of India and Pakistan. Further there were floods in South East Asia and more such disasters in various other parts of the world in a very short span of time.
  • Unbelievably a higher number of people all around the world were victims to these climatic disasters by losing their belonging and family.

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