Are eco-friendly products expensive?

Myth Vs Truth

The cost of the product depends upon the cost of the raw materials or other ingredients that were used in the manufacturing process of the end product. Products manufactured with freely available and biodegradable items should be less expensive than that of the products that were manufactured with the help of advanced and expensive chemicals. But then why are the ecofriendly products more expensive in the market than the other products?

              Eco-friendly products are definitely more economical and reusable when compared with other normal products but they are been projected to be expensive and not made affordable to the common people. Promotion and consumption of eco-friendly products are far lesser when compared with products that cause damage to the environment. Our future generation does not require only financial wealth, they also need environmental wealth and other abundant resources to lead their life happily. Don’t be a cause to spoil the future generation’s rather support a cause to create “Affordable Eco-friendly Products”.

Affordable eco-friendly products are the need of the hour

Stop using plastics is not the right slogan rather “Recycle and Reuse” is the right slogan.

Ecohike eco-friendly t-shirts are completely made of recycled materials and NO VIRGIN materials is used in the making process. Even your used ecohike t-shirt can be recycled and evolved into a brand new t-shirt. This chain avoids landfill and stops various harm to the nature and ecosystem. DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN! RECYCLE AND REUSE!

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