Anti-Microbial Ecohike Eco-friendly T-Shirt shields you from Covid-19

Anti-Microbial Fabrics have pulled incredible interest among clinical and medical services in the recent past.  They by default reduce the bad odor in the fabric and fights germs over time, so it is been vastly used by hospitals for patient dress, doctor gowns, bed spreads and other textile usage. Furthermore these antimicrobial fabrics are used in hospitals for “dressings to protect wound infections”.

               The gym enthusiasts and physical trainers suggest using of these odors free and antimicrobial fabrics during your workouts because these fabrics help in reducing the bad odor and helps in killing other bad micro organisms that generate from our sweat.

                There is evidential study that indicates the use of antimicrobial fabrics will act as an additional layer to protect you from SARS type of diseases. Even though there is no such evidential report to confirm whether antimicrobial fabric can protect you from Covid-19, it could be derived that it would definitely save you from other bacteria and viruses. Hence usage of antimicrobial fabrics will play as an additional support to save yourself and your family from the newly emerging Covid-19 type of viruses.

Why Ecohike?

Ecohike T-shirts are eco-friendly and are manufactured out of recycled plastics pet bottles. No virgin materials are used in the manufacturing process and only recycled products are been used throughout. We cannot just save the earth by stop using plastic; rather it is our responsibility to remove the harm that we have already made to the mother earth. So start supporting recycling of used plastics and give your little effort to stand with us to save our mother earth.

              An affordable regular wear t-shirt with premium quality can save you from virus and save our mother earth from landfill and plastic pollution.


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